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Seal Pack Combo

L Bar Sealer + Shrink Tunnel System Combo

The Seal Pack COMBO is an entry-level Semi-automatic shrink system for any company that needs to satisfy any wrapping needs. This COMBO machine is a portable and compact machine, L Sealer and Shrink tunnel built on a common frame.

Technical Features

Model No.
Sealpack 5540Mec-COMBO
Sealing Bars Dimension (Inch – MM)  
20 5/8 * 15 ¾ (500*400)
20 5/8 * 15 ¾ (500*400)
Max Pack Height  (Inch – MM)
8” (203)
8” (203)
Packing Capacity  pcs/h 
Sealing Bar Movement
Compressed Air
1,5 cfm / 60 psi   (40 L  / 4 Bar)
Max. Film Width  (Inch – MM)
20″ (500)  
20″ (500)  
Usable Flms> Polyolefins, PVC
Up to 120 Ga (30µ)    
Up to 120 Ga (30µ)
Power Supply
3 Ph. 220/380V 50/60Hz.
3 Ph. 220/380V 50/60Hz
Power Max.
7.0 kw
7.0 kw
Machine Dimension  (L× W× H)  (Inch – MM)
102*32*61 In. 2575*800*1550 mm.
102*32*61 In. 2575*800*1550 mm.
Weight (net/gross) (Lb – Kg)
926 / 1222 Lb. 420 / 554 kg
926 / 1222 Lb. 420 / 554 kg

Standard Features

  • Pneumatic Cylinder Type Sealer offers Manual and Auto Mode operation (MEC)
  • Dual Magnetic Hold Down to ensure a better sealing (CT)
  • Cilynder arm return (CT)
  • L Sealer adjusts from side to side to center package into shrink tunnel while tunnel adjusts up and down to match height of discharge conveyor on L Sealer
  • Simple and precise control for sealing temperature, packing Cycle time and product discharging time
  • PTFE-coated sealing blade
  • Automatic pack discharge by powered conveyor
  • Overheat protect function extends the lifetime for sealing blade
  • Height adjustment of the takeaway conveyor by an external wheel
  • Build bearing Mobile film reel support Better adjustment of the film to the pack size
  • Advanced pin perforation device can fully release the air in the bag
  • Mobile product-holding plate with Film opening
  • Heavy duty castor with a lock device
  • Compliance with CE regulation


Standard Shrink Tunnel Features

  • Fully Re-Circulating Air Chamber.
  • Quick warm up time.
  • Solid stainless steel heater, durable with low power consumption.
  • PID Digital Temperature Controller with Solid State Relay.
  • Automatic Tunnel Cool Down with Shut Off.
  • 1/2 HP Blower Motor.
  • Adjustable Conveyor speed by Inverter.
  • Live Roller Rod Conveyor.
  • Chromed Conveyor Rollers and Shaft (No Rust).
  • Rolling casters and adjustable height feet