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Volumetric Cup Filler

Volumetric Cup Filler

Volumetric Cup Fillers are used for free-flowing granular and powder products like table salt, rice, seasoning, corn kernels, and other free flowing foods and non-foods. There are two types of Cup Fillers: Rotary or Slide.

A Rotary Volumetric System uses a method in which a rotary plate is loaded with product, it passes over a hole where the product fills the void. Once filled the cup passes over the filling funnel and the bottom of the cup releases the product.

A Slide Volumetric System employs a hopper placed over a cup. The cup is fully sealed using slide-gates. The cup top gate opens only to fill the cup and then closes. When the bottom gate opens the product is released down the filling funnel.

Volumetric Cup Fillers are Low-Cost and Simple to operate and can operate in a Semi-Automatic production facility or integrated with a VFFS, Premade Pouch Bagger, Canister/ Jar Production Lines.