Packaging | Premade Pouch Fill and Seal machine | NAPLES 8


8 Station Rotary Fill and Seal Premade Pouch Bagger

Our industry leading 6th Generation NAPLES 8 Premade Pouch Fill and Seal Equipment is exactly what the factory floor asked for.

NAPLES 8 is a Rotary style machine built with eight stations to handle a wide range of pouch configurations such as Flat, Gusseted, and Stand-up Pouches with or without locking Zippers.

Integration with Filling systems to handle Liquid, Snacks, Flours, Dog Treats, Produce, Parts, and so much more, including SMART factory software suites.

Single Lane is great for Production rates up to 45 bags per minute and our Twin Lane can double that rate.

Technical Features


  NAPLES – 8


Pouch Length: Inch (mm) 

 5 ⅞ – 13”

(150 – 330)

 7 ⅞ – 17 ⅝”

(200 – 450)

Pouch Width: Inch (mm)

 3 ⅞ – 9”

(100 – 230)

 5 ⅞ – 11 ¾”

(150 – 300)

Production Speed:



Compressed Air:

 95 PSIG, <7SCFM

Power Supply:

220V 3-phase, 60Hz, 7Kw

Pouch Format:

Flat, Doypack, Stand-up, Zipper,

Side Spout, Gusset pouch

Standard Features

  • •Fast & Easy integration to most Filling Systems like, OSLO Net Weigh Scales, KANSAS Auger Fillers, Volumetric Cup Systems, MILWAUKEE Liquid & Paste Pumps, Counters, and other ancillary devices including SMART Factory software
    •Easy Operation via our Control Panel using Schneider Color Touch Screen, PLC, Frequency Inverters
    •Quick Change – Bag Width via Touch Screen
    •Simple & Clear Fault Indication via Touch Screen
    •Indexing gearbox provides Precision bag placement & Stable Operation
    •Visual Status and Audible Alarms with a 3-color Light Tower
    •Clean #304 Stainless Steel Construction for Easy Maintenance
    •Wash Down Design to allow for quick cleaning
    •Precision Omron PID Temperature Controller
    •Power: 220vac, 3-phase, 60Hz, 7kW

           System Safety & Controls:

    •No pouch present – No fill – No seal
    •Pouch open error – No fill – No seal
    •Heater Fault Alarm (abnormal temp, shorts, open circuit)
    •Abnormal Air Pressure protection to Stop Production
    •Safety Doors – Interlocking System & optional external Safety Circuits
    •CE Marking

           Packing Process Description:

    1.Pouch Feed Conveyor & Pick-Up Station
    2.Mechanical Zipper Open Device & Date Coding (optional)
    3.Pouch Expansion Station using Clean ‘Air’ Blast to Open & Flush
    4.Pouch Opening Control Station for No Mess Filling
    5.First Filling Station
    6.Second Filling Station (optional)
    7.First sealing position
    8.Second sealing position (cold seal) and Pouch feed out conveyor

For more information, watch the video