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Fast Pack

All-in-One Sealing and Shrinking

FastPack Series “2 in 1 wrapping machine” is an entry-level Semi-automatic shrink system for any company that needs to satisfy any wrapping needs.

Technical Features

Sealing Bar Size: Inch (mm) 
16 x 22 (420 x 550)
24 x 31 (600 x 800)
Max Pack Height: Inch (mm)
10 (250)
Max Film Width: Inch (mm)
20 (500)
28 (700)
Usable Films
POF Up to 120Ga (30µ)
Power Supply
1 Ph. 220-240V
3 Ph. 220-380V
Real Consumption
2.2 Kw/h
3.8 Kw/h
Max Power
3.3 Kw
5.2 Kw

Standard Features

  • Simple and precise control for sealing temperature, shrinking chamber temperature and shrinking time.
  • PTFE-coated sealing blade.
  • Dual Magnetic Hold Down for seal and shrink cycle.
  • Overheat protect function extends the life time for sealing blade.
  • Height adjustment of the internal packaging plate.
  • Build bearing Mobile film reel support. Better adjustment of the film to the pack size.
  • Advanced pin perforation device can fully release the air in the bag.
  • Mobile product-holding plate with Film opening.
  • High-performance stainless steel heaters.
  • Easy access to electric cabinet.
  • Heavy duty castor with lock device.
  • Compliance with CE regulation.