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PHOENIX - I Side Sealing Series

Automatic Side-Sealer Over-Wrapping Machine

The PHOENIX-I Series, Intermittent Side Sealer is a great machine for high-speed packaging applications. An extremely versatile machine capable of running a wide variety of industrial or consumer products. Excellent price/quality ratios are the main features characterizing the automatic sealers of the PHOENIX-I series.

Technical Features

 Model No.
Phoenix-I 500
 Phoenix-I 750
 Phoenix-I 1000
 Sealing Bars Dimension: Inch (mm)
 19 5/8  (500)  
29 1/2 (750)  
39 3/8 (1000)  
 Max Pack Height: Inch (MM)
 8 3/4  (220mm)
Sealing jaw driven by
Servo motor
Packing Capacity  pcs/h
Up tp 4200
Up to 3000
Up to 2100
Conveyor Speed: Ft/Min (Mt/Min)
115  (35)
115 (35)
115 (35)
Center seal function
 Max. Film Width: Inch (mm)
20″ (600)  
24″ (850)
33″ (1100)
 Usable Flms> Polyolefins, PVC, PP, PE 
 Up to 240 Ga (60µ)    
 Up to 240 Ga (60µ)
 Up to 240 Ga (60µ)  
 Power Supply
1Ph. 220V 50/60Hz  
 3Ph. 220-380V 50/60Hz  
 3Ph. 220-380V 50/60Hz  
 Power Max. 
 Compressed Air
6 bar, 10L/min


Standard Features

  • 2 belts Intermittent Side Seal Wrapper.
  • Panasonic” PLC control system and 7” colorful touch “Kinco” screen operation interface.
  • 20 program memory with multiple languages.
  • Using HMI screen adjustment of crossbar height, sealing time adjustment, the possibility of packaging individual packs or groups of products, conveyor belt speed, alarms, Pieces Counter. Set by Batch.etc. • Mitsubishi” frequency inverter for conveyors. Inverters for each motor.
  • Cross sealing bar with PTFE-coated.
  • Sealing blade controlled by SCHNEIDER SERVO MOTOR.
  • Side sealing system by friction with a hot blade.
  • “FESTO” cylinder for Side Sealing.
  • Product width and height are adjustable by handwheel.
  • Horizontal and Vertical sensors for the wrapping of different products.
  • 2 PID temperature controllers for Transversal sealing and Side Sealing.
  • Kissing belt function for small products or irregular shape products can be on or off on touch screens.
  • Self-contained scrap removal system with built-in alarm.
  • Quick change over between productions and sizes.
  • Emergency button.
  • Safety cover door complies with CE standard, Open door will stop the machine.
  • Painted Carbon Steel Case.
  •  Heavy Duty Castors for easy movement.
  • Electric Cabinet compliance with CE regulations.
  • Stainless Steel Case AISI #304.
  • Complete AISI #304 Stainless Steel Construction for Cold and Wet Zone (Not Washdown).
  • Printing Film Photosensor.
  • 1 .5M infeed conveyor.
  • Automatic Product Pusher.
  • 3 meters length lugs pushing conveyor

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