Packaging | Premade Pouch Fill and Seal machine | SIENA 7


Horizontal Fill and Seal Premade Pouch Bagger

Introducing our Highly-Stable Horizontal Fill & Seal packaging machine for Premade Pouches

Complete your Production Runs Quickly and find that speedy ROI with Stable & Planned Production Rates using the SIENA 7 Pouch Filling System. With room for multiple filling systems, printers, gas flushing, air removal, and more it is ready to exceed your demands.

Fast & Easy integration with OSLO Scales, KANSAS Augers, Milwaukee Pumps, and other systems.

Perfect for growing manufacturing plants to handle Liquid, Snacks, Flours, Dog Treats, Produce, Parts, Nuts, small pouches, Seeds, Cannabis, and so much more, including connection to SMART factory software suites.

Technical Features



Pouch Length:

Inch (mm) 

 6 – 14.9”

(150 – 380)

Pouch Width:

Inch (mm)

 3.9 – 8.3”

(100 – 210)

Production Speed:

 25 – 55 ppm

Compress Air:


Power Supply:

220vac, 3-phase, 60Hz, 4kW

Pouch Format:

Flat, Doypack, Stand-up, Zipper,

Side Spout, Gusset pouch

Standard Features

•Fast & Easy integration to Filling Systems like our OSLO Scales, KANSAS Augers, MILWAUKEE Pumps, and other ancillary devices including SMART Factory software
•Easy Operation using Schneider Color Touch Screen, PLC, Speed Controllers
•Omron P.I.D. temperature controller.
•Indexing gearbox provides Precision bag placement & Stable Operation
•Quick Size Changeover for Different Pouch Width (optional tooling blocks available)
•Visual Status and Audible Alarms with a 3-color Light Tower
•Sanitary #304 Stainless Steel Construction for Easy Maintenance
•Visual Status and Audible Alarms with a 3-color Light Tower
•Fault Indication via HMI and 3-color Light Tower
•Pouch Bottom and Gusset Opening System via vacuum and/or air jet
•No Pouch / No Fill / No Seal
•Product settling/support device (options)
•Integrated pouch heated top seal with individual temperature control
•Top Seal Cooling Station (optional  re-circulating water chiller)
•Electric Cabinet compliance with CE regulations

  Operating Sequence:

1.Pouch Loading & Pick-up Station
2.Pouch Coding & Presence Check
3.Mechanical Zipper Opening System & Open detection
4.First Filling Station (no pouch – no fill – no seal – no loss of pouch)
5.Second Filling Station, Dust Extraction (see options) or another process available and close the pouch
6.Pouch Heat Sealing Station
7.Pouch Top Cooling & Discharge