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Servo-motor 4 AXIS Horizontal Flow wrapper, Bottom Film, Rotary Jaw

OTTAWA Series is an Inverted Horizontal Flow Wrapper (HFFS) Bottom Film and Rotary Sealing Jaw system with a high-performance level. This Machine could be arranged with an infeed belt conveyor system or pushing lugs conveyor system according to the product. It suits a wide range of Small, Medium and Large soft or irregular product applications, where fast and easy to operate and size change operations are required. The OTTAWA Series flow wrappers can be tailored to match each customer’s specific needs and deliver maximum production flexibility and efficiency at each performance level

Technical Features

 Name Model
 Number of Jaws
1 Jaw
 Rotation Diameter
Product length Range (Inch – MM)
 4 ¾ – 25 1/2 (120-700)
Product width (Inch – MM)
 3 7/8  – 7 7/8 (98-200) 
 3 7/8 – 12 (98-305)
Product height (Inch – MM)
 3/16 – 3 (5-76)
 3/16 – 4” (5-102)
Packing Capacity pcs/min  
 Up to 60 ppm
Sealing Jaw Width (Inch – MM)
 9 7/8  (250)
 15 ¾   (400)
Film width max: (Inch – MM)
 20” (508)
 30” (762)
Compressed Air 
 6 bar, 1L/min
Power Supply 
 220V/1ph, 50/60 Hz,
Power Max. 
 4.0 Kw.

Standard Features

  • Inverted Horizontal Flow Wrapper rotating sealing, Bottom Film and infeed product by a belt conveyor system.
  • Product flow right to left from the viewpoint of the operator station.
  • Fully Adjustable Film Former.
  • PLC controller with HMI Full Color Touch Screen to control the main machine functions, such as Bag Length, Speed of packaging, Axis Homing, Film Advance, Print Registration settings, Product Memory (99 recipes).
  • Machine powered by 4 brushless servo motors Direct Gear Driven Assembly.
  • No product, No Bag Function.
  • Three OMRON temperature PID control and Solid State Relay. 1) Pre heat system 2) Sealing Disc 3) End Jaw.
  • Three pairs of sealing disc for fin seal with automatic pneumatic opening. The 3rd. set is a “Fold-Over Wheel” which fold the fin seal to either side of the package.
  • SICK Sensor Printing film eye mark tracking system.
  • Sealing Jaw face: standard 0.5” (12.5 mm) per side of the bag with a transverse sealing pattern.
  • Machine cycle stops with crimper in an open position to prevent the film from melting.
  • Electronic Clutch on the crimper-head to release the drive and stop the machine in case a solid object gets jammed between the jaws.
  • Powered product discharge conveyor length 23 ½” (600 mm).
  • One Film roll holder with self-centering cones, spring-activated brake system and side lay adjustment.
  • Two Start/Stop/Emergency Stop control on the operator side.
  • Interlocked safety switches on all doors and guards that can be opened without tools.
  • All parts in contact with the product are either 304 stainless steel.
  • Mainframe and electrical cabinet in mild steel, rough textured finish painted.
  • Machine includes Heavy Duty Castors for easy movement with adjustable feet.


      Standard Packing Film.

  • BOPP 20 mic.
  • BOPP + PE
  • PET + PE
  • Other heat-sealable packaging material on request.

     Optional Features.

  • Airplane or Round Hole Punch.
  • Date Code Printer.
  • Gas Flushing.

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