Packaging | Automatic Tray Sealer | CHARLOTTE – TS01


Automatic Tray Sealer

Standard Features

  • Fully portable castor mounted.
  • Self-diagnostic system.
  • Pendant mounted color touch screen HMI control for full double-sided operation.
  • Recipe driven auto machine set-up for tool change.
  • On-screen data capture and trends with Wireless connection option.
  • Pot crush avoidance system.
  • Active film tension.
  • Quick release conveyor belts for easy hygiene and maintenance.
  • Automatic tool clamp for mechanical and electrical connection.
  • High accuracy tool alignment system provides a constantly accurate sealing and/or film-cutting relationship with the tray flange profile.
  • Simple design and operation.
  • All around seal and contoured film-cut with skeletal film rewind.
  • Automatic seal operation with accurate seal dwell time.
  • Food industry approved hygienic construction and wash-down protection.
  • User friendly, menu-driven control panel with step-by-step prompts, error and status displays, and useful batch pack counter.
  • Recipe handling of machine settings.
  • Servo Driven automatic tray collation in-teed.
  • Accurate temperature and seal pressure control.
  • Two-minute tool changeover.
  • Low maintenance polymer bearings.
  • Simple and accurate film-feed system with easy film route.
  • Maintenance friendly robust construction.